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CAPILOSAN – Innovative Swiss product line against hair loss, thin hair and sensitive scalp. The CAPILOSAN line covers all needs in case of hair problems. It is a holistic treatment for hair and scalp from the outside, as well as for strengthening the hair from the inside. CAPILOSAN is a treatment of the latest generation against hair loss, against thin hair and for best scalp care.

ALOPEXIN forte with Capixyl ™ – With the use of Capixyl ™ in our intensive treatment against hair loss, we offer one of the best solutions on the market. In case of severe hair loss, we recommend a holistic treatment that strengthens the hair root from the inside by taking HAIR POWER CAPS and from the outside by using ALOPEXIN forte. The best results are achieved by using the specially developed SENSITIVE shampoo for hair washing.

Capilosan: effective and lasting results without drugs

Medicines that are commonly used to treat hair problems can have serious side effects (libido loss, erectile dysfunction, and infertility). In addition, they must be given for life, otherwise all results achieved by this therapy will be lost.

The CAPILOSAN products are completely based on functional active ingredients of natural origin and are therefore free from side effects. The efficacy of these natural agents has been proven and confirmed by clinical and academic tests as well as numerous scientific literatures. All CAPILOSAN formulations are rigorously dermatologically tested and we have over 90% satisfied customers who have achieved lasting results.

Causes of hair loss

Androgenetic Alopecia

The main cause of increased hair loss is the hormonal genetic type. In this case we are talking about androgenetic alopecia, a problem that affects more than 70% of men and more than 40% of women. The cause of this most common form of hair loss is basically the same in men and women. However, it does not constitute a hormonal disorder, although one hormone, the male sex hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), plays a crucial role.

Premature hair loss

A recent survey found that one in five adolescents around the age of 20 suffers from premature hair loss. Underrated psychological factors such as anxiety, stress, trauma and emotional tensions often influence this phenomenon.
Boys are generally more affected than girls, but the number of women affected is also increasing. In this case, this is mainly due to insomnia, poor diet and smoking. In most cases, however, it is a hereditary androgenetic alopecia.
The common feature is represented by excessive sebum production and the thinning of the hair. In fact, the hair is getting finer and then fall out without further regrowth.

Hair loss after pregnancy

During pregnancy, many women enjoy a shiny and unusually full head of hair. Unfortunately, when the baby is born, often the opposite happens. Suddenly the hair looks dull and dull or even falls out in tufts.

Hair loss in the menopause

Many women suffer from intense hair loss when they get into menopause. This is often due to a hormonal factor. The drop-in estrogen levels that occurs in women at this delicate stage of their lives can actually lead to significant changes in the female body and hair loss.

Hair loss as a long-term consequence

If you catch a viral disease like Corona, your immune system is challenged and every body reacts differently. This reaction of the body can also show itself in hair growth – on the one hand as weakening of the hair or even hair loss. This is usually delayed because the body needs energy for a short time. This means that hair loss is more of a long-term symptom – in the case of Corona, also known as “Long Covid”.
Various media have already reported about it. The earlier you act, the better you can react. In the run-up to Corona, there were medical examinations that show that autoantibodies (AKK) influence the vascular system and thus influence the supply of the hair follicles. As a result, the hair can be undersupplied, which can then lead to hair loss. Hair loss can also be a consequence of Covid-19, as some sufferers develop auto-antibodies against their own hair roots.


Hair loss

How do I take CAPILOSAN treatment against hair loss?


How do I use the CAPILOSAN treatment to strengthen my hair?


To prepare the hair and scalp for a hair transplant and to treat and strengthen the hair after the hair transplant.

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